Saturday, November 28, 2009

Satellite TV for PC

It is not a surprise to know that a large number of people are watching television on computer, including me. I must tell you that I could do this easily by powering up my computer with an internet TV software program. This software program can be easily downloaded through the internet and can be installed quickly on the PC. The software TV that I purchased came with complete instruction manuals, that took me through a step by step procedure to achieve what I wanted.
I must tell you that I am not a kind of person who is interested in any kind of technology and then too, I was able to install this program without much effort. The usage of the software program is also simple as the navigation is very user friendly. Once I completed the installation process, I was able to check out the channels that this PC satellite TV had to offer. I was able to quickly find the program that I wanted to watch.
I am planning to remain subscribed to this satellite TV on PC for a long time, as I am very happy with the fact that I do not need to pay any monthly costs like cable TV. The only cost I ever needed to give is the one time fee for the software program which was as less as $50. In addition to that, I can add new programs to my satellite TV for PC, without the need to pay anything extra. This is because all these are included in the package of the software itself.
Since the software product received free to air TV channels from FTA stations of the TV, the programs that I can watch are entirely free. The major difference between cable TV and PC satellite TV is that cable TV gives out 700 channels at the maximum, while PC satellite TV can give out as much as 2000 channels. This is one of the main reasons why I love to use satellite TV for PC.
Other good thing about satellite TV on computer is that I did not need to add any hardware or equipment to my computer. This kind of TV can work efficiently with only a good internet connection, no matter it is dial up or broadband. I chose to have a broadband connection, mainly because of faster TV feed transmission speeds. Otherwise, dial up connection is also workable. Another thing that satellite tv 2 pc needed is to install Windows Media Player or Macromedia Flash player, which is freely available over the internet for download.
So, I am telling you with my own experiences, that nothing can be better than watching live tv on computer and you should also get the one today yourself.
You can also watch this You Tube video.

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